Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! One Piece Depression..no it's not about 4kids!

Today has been a blast! I got many goodies for Christmas, I am so blessed to have such amazing parents and other fabulously new material items. I got...hmmm..a new camera...it kicks $&% in so many ways and it kicks my old camera out of the stratosphere. It has ten times better focus, picture quality, battery life, video, and other features.

I'm sort of upset though because I was having fun with my camera and was using its amazing video settings. So I ended up making a video of me singing "Hikari E" the 3rd opening to One Piece. Then I went and decided to upload it to youtube. Now comes the bad news I made the video, uploaded the video, and then discovered I had recorded phone numbers on the video (I just set the camera down on the desk and the directory was open) so I had to remove the video. So it ended up that my first uploaded video on Youtube lasted for 5 minutes before being taken off again...*sigh*. It was a long day, and an amazing one at that. Must Sleep. Merry Christmas.

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