Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sooo….wow…um, its been five weeks since I last posted ANYTHING, even an apology for not posting (which was what my last post was…how pathetic is that?) So anyway, I will try to end my I-never-told-you-that-it-was-an-unofficial-hiatus soon. My In depth interview of my English teacher is still going to happen and I really need to tell you about Sakuracon and my plans for the future!

Once again here’s some stuff to (not) look forward to;

Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival (videos of: Aikido, Tea ceremonies, and Dancing)
Sakura-con (three parts; Fri, Sat, and Sunday…with PLENTY of pictures and video)

here are some links to my photobucket (vid and Pics)
and Youtube (video...doy)