Thursday, October 9, 2008


Um, its been well over a month since I have told you anything, and there is always so much to tell, but unfortunatly nothing is ever it told. And thats just not acceptable. SO after months of unkept promises, and then months of nothing at all, (which I suppose is better than unkept promises), I have decided. I quit. No not really. I'm just starting over. Iv'e decided to move! Two blogs are just too hard to stay on top of, so I'm combining the two to one and will try to set up a scedule for once a week posting at a new location. I'll give you the link when I'm set up, but for now, here is what you have to look forward to! (more promises!)

The new blog will focus mostly on
  1. Cosplay plans from various anime/games/manga
  2. Tutorials on the crafts of those cosplays
  3. Videos and photos from exploits and photoshoots.

Insterspersing of....

(in order from most to least to be discussed.)

  • Anime/manga/game reviews
  • Convention reviews
  • Cosplay Gathering reviews
  • Food finds and recipes (cutely placed as a side note due to my lack of time)


Halloween Extravaganza!

New Train Heartnet cosplay

New Amy Rose (of Sonic) Cosplay (and giant hammer tutorial)

Wig video and tutorials of how to buy, cut, style, and wear (almost finished!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gasukan 8

Gasukan 8 was....the awsomest! I can't accurately describe how it went and how I feel in the amount of text I'm willing to devote to this post...I'm mostly here to direct you to my Youtube channel which has pictures and videos of the most awsome day.

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TO ZANARKAND! No just my dreams....

I’m going through changes…*can’t continue writing, laughing too hard*. Anywho, I just got back from Mexico (I have an Excuse! “Ladies and gentlemen the woman HAS an excuse for not blogging on a consistant basis!”)
Been doing A LOT of cosplay….as for changes, I’m starting to think I will use this blog largely for tutorials and fun videos of my cosplay ventures! (Though my computers are fast so I’m not sure how that’ll work for you). I’ve been having sooo much fun video taping my ventures and editing them into spiffy videos! It defiantly takes a while (especially when you are trying to sync video with audio) and doesn’t leave much time for much else…the days go by quick when all I do is work on my cosplay and make videos….

I have a lot to talk about but not making any promises on what I’ll write because you know how unreliable I am with that…;P.

I do want to say that after reading lots of article on my personal favorite aninme blog about the dying anime industry (I yes you heard me right) that I am happy to hear positive news regarding changes in the style of releasing of new series as well as the new blue ray format.

Also news on my first crossplay which I quite enjoyed!. I have two videos make now to put up, and two tutorials to come on REAL wig cutting and gun crafting.
Last but not least, the list of must see anime for the count down to fall/school as I have been doing more cosplay than anime.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Otaku Extravaganza!

Good news everyone! I recently got some videos up on youtube! They might not be up forever thanks to protective familys so watch 'em now!

Search the following for results

Javakat343 channel or...

The Otaku Adventures

Adventures in Wig Cutting

Also I just took part in the second anual Seattle China town Bon Odori parade in which Sakuracon participates...and so I made a video :)

Sakuracon Parade 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random Anime Thought #1

  1. "Wow, there are way to many cross played Axels, (wanders upon unexpexted AxelXRoxas Yaoi) and too muchy of that....ohhh that 'actually-a-guy' Axel is relly hot".
  2. Harry Potter and Host Club is a great combination.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Hola Amigos! Just so you know....I am forgetful! I have been busy, don't get me wrong, but the reason for my lack of posting is pure forgetfullness. Now that I remembered..I a week when school is out! Then I will be free to write freely.

For now here is the plan!

  • The parade date was never June 20th but July, which means that I have more time to prepare! Whoot.
  • What I DID do was go to Gasukan (A minicon in Washington) on the 7th and ended up on a "Where the Hell is Matt?" video! Will post a blog all about it!
  • Posts on AMVs and plans for the future.
  • More Cosplay

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Meloncholy of Marie Nunya

Okay folks I have some news! For one I just bought the Furuba (Fruits Basket) box set so I can finally finish the series (legally). Second, the Team Sakuracon parade is coming up on June 20th so I’m going to be preparing a really simple cosplay (I have exams and SATS only a few days before *barf*, don't get me wrong I will kick butt on the reading, writing, and language parts but I don't expect better than 80th percentile. I got 60's on the PSAT's, I'm a little too good at not worrying about it "Study...okay TOMMOROW!"... God will provide!)

I’m thinking of during Haruhi from…Oh gosh you should know. Anywho. You should know by know that I hate boring, just like Haruhi. We’re actually pretty similar…Except the groping part, so because I don’t have much time I figured I would do her cheerleader outfit and have my friend Jen do Yuki (either which or baseball). The only problem is (well I don’t care but I might regret it if people don’t recognize me) I have curly hair and no bangs….I’m thinking of cutting them…after the SATs…I’ll have to see. Because they could go wrong in a million ways…ug.

What In the World Do You Do At an Anime Convention???

The following is a bit I did for school...frankly its supposed to be about me and stuff but its just ramblings about I will probably have to do it over again later...anyway, I think its insightful so here you go!

First off, let’s be brief with the history, as I have explained it many times. I have wanted to go to this convention for ages. I had to wait an extra year to go because my dad scheduled a trip over the 07’ convention and I was out of town (“whoot” for colonial Virginia). A year passed and the time finally came. I was sick. I was stressed out. And those three days were probably some of the best I have ever had. Okay more explaining….The con was scheduled for the last weekend of March. This was really bad timing as it was in between two school breaks (mid winter and spring) so the teachers were merciless with the work load. I had been busting my butt to keep up with the work, when what I wanted, was to get ahead so I could enjoy the convention without homework. Yea right.
Well, it sure was stressful, and I will tell you that my immune system is broken by one thing, and one thing alone. Stress. But the cold died down enough for me to enjoy it, and luckily for me, my already bad sinuses plus the dying cold meant I didn’t have to worry about the dreaded “con-funk” (13,000 people in one building plus body odor).

So great, I got to my convention and had a blast, but still, a lot of people don’t seem to understand what you do at these conventions. Well, frankly if you don’t like anime you will probably be a little lost if not completely bored. If I was to go back to the Emerald City Comic Con I would probably be bored as heck because I don’t really like Western Comics (except the Tomb Raider stuff). I went once, at least five years ago, but that was just for merchandise and to get Jhonen Vasquez’s autograph (Jhonen Vasquez is the creator of Invader Zim, a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon for a short period of time but was canceled due to its dark nature) which were probably the only things I could have done anyway.
You have to like anime, yes, but it’s not essential because there is so much there for you to do. Panels with manga artists and voice actors (both English and Japanese), workshops on how to draw for example, concerts, dances (the only place in Seattle you can rave it up without fear of drugs), photo shoots (where you learn to expect the unexpected), merchandise, cosplay contest (cosplay being short for costume play, and the cosplay contest usually designating funny skits and “walk-ons”), anime music video (AMV) contests, karaoke, and on, and on. But it’s surprising how many people skip the big events and still find things to do. Just walking around, making new friends, taking pictures, watching random dancing, playing spin the bottle outside (glomp style, A.K.A hugging) all can make your con experience more memorable.
The atmosphere of each con is also a deciding factor on what you do. Each one is a little bit different in terms of what to expect. Cons like Kumoricon (down in Oregon) are much smaller then Sakuracon so there is more down time to do the relaxing stuff. Some Cons like Anime Expo, the biggest con in The U.S, are high speed, and you may find your self rushing around to the next event.
Now here’s something everyone needs to know about the taboos of anime conventions. Always shower everyday and wear deodorant. Bring food as there may or may not be available (or just reasonably priced) food. AND NEVER, EVER, watch anime, at an anime convention. My friend Jen confessed to have had a crummy time because all she did was watch anime in the theaters they had. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to watch something to sample it or soak up some extra time, but defiantly do it sparingly. Believe it or not a convention is about the people. It’s about interacting with people who share a common interest and appreciate the culture and art forms presented at the con. In other words what you do is have fun.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Demons of Cosplay: Crossplay

Cross-play....I’m slowly slipping into a bias against guy cosplayers…I just can’t stand it! But! It’s not really their fault… They are GUYS after all. And with the ever increasing bishonen population in the anime world its getting harder for guys. Frankly there ARE limits. Not the ones that I described before, (the more self patronizing limits people put on them selves such as body image and all that).

There is the social standard. Its not socially accepted in most cases for men to dress like girls, though our society has no problem with the other way around (too a degree…well most of the time anyway). Also most guy cross plays are jokes! The Sailor Moon men and “Man-Faye” are….well…laughable…people don’t take them seriously because they don’t take themselves seriously!

This brings up another issue! I take back the “females-can-dress-up-as-guys-without-a-problem” statement because they can’t! I don’t think that most people (unspoken rule) think that its “good cosplay” for a girl to dress up as say Insert very manly guy/anti-Bishonen. Unless! Of course the girl isn’t taking herself seriously. Here is (what I believe to be) a wonderful example. Shunsui Kyoraku from Bleach...hes a pimp, he has a beard, and hes most definitely not bishonen! But I want to cosplay as him anyway....I don't know if I SHOULD but I probably will anyway. Do you think there is a limit to what women can cosplay? Maybe women should only cosplay guy characters when they would look better then if a man would.

For example; Men KILL Inuyasha cosplay! I set out to make a GOOD inuyasha cosplay just to spite all the “five -o’-clock-shadow” inuyashas I’ve seen! Besides a heck of a lot of them don’t just not work, but arn’t even well crafted! All the REALLY good Inuyashas I’ve seen were girls! Same with the shessomarus. And they are only the tiniest bit Bishi! (at least I think so...maybe I need to figure out what bishonen actually dictates, is it just no hair and no muscle?) If you can call Sephiroth Bishonen and we can see some darn good cosplays then why can’t that apply to Shessomaru or Inuyasha? I think it may come down to the group that watches the show or plays the game. It may be that the demographic that plays FFVII is better suited for cosplay than guys that watch Inuyasha. The world may never know.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


A lot of debate and discussion goes into the endings of animes. All too often the anime starts too soon after the manga and soon passes it up leaving it without reference material. This results in fillers, more fillers, and then a REALLY unfulfilling ending. The characters never complete the main goal, and usually go their separate ways with the hope of resolution in the future. BULL! Either the anime runs out of cash (budgeting problems), hits a wall (runs out of reference because its already passed where the manga is in the story), or just decides to take a different path and be an “adaptation”. Now sometimes adaptations are a good thing. Some times they are a GREAT thing. And some times they just fall flat.

Examples of unfulfilling, “Huh?” or just “What?...It’s over?” endings (in somewhat order of worst to just-not-great);

Spoilers (not horrible ones) will be below in the asterisks (*)

· Inuyasha: amazing series, I personally loved it but saw where it was going with fillers around the 90’s (episodes) and dropped it. The ending was inconclusive, no resolution. They didn’t complete the task at hand.* You are told to read the manga to get your “waste-of-83-and-a-half-hours-of-your-life” ending.
· Claymore: Similar to Inuyashas ending, they didn’t complete the task;what I now call a procrastinator ending (“oh, will finish it later!”)
· Escaflowne: I really liked Escaflowne but endings are supposed to make you feel…something…this ending was so “huh?” or blah, that I don’t even remember the details of how it ended!
· Wallflower: Once again nothing was completed.
· Full Metal Alchemist: Had to be resolved by the movie, and the Movie still left thing to do…still one of the best anime ever though (its at the bottom of the list!)

Here are some good ones!

Now “good” is controversial. A lot of people may feel that these series belong on the opposite list because major characters died and they were sad, or the ending was sad…and they were sad…but hey! I never said a good ending had to be happy! Sometimes it needs to be sad or it goes against the whole point of the story and becomes a waste of time. It took me a while to realize this…it’s a battle of the Reality ending verses the Fairy Tale ending.

· Cowboy Bebop: Sad but definte. It ended! Yay..but still sad
· Witch Hunter Robin: Similar to Cowboy Bebop in that…*
· Full Metal Alchemist: With the movie it was fulfilling and mostly resolved.

I know these are short generic lists but my reference site for my anime database ( got deleted by a technical error on the site.

Just know that sometimes it may be worth the extra money to just buy the manga...its a complete entity. For me this is hard though as I really don't want to keep buying them when I don't know when it will end! 20 volumes is plenty, anything beyond that seems excessive. (ex: Bleach...never ends! Stop at 63! Skip the fillers!...I am considering starting it up again after the Bounty Arc though...anywho..) At least look at reviews (well thats sort of what one whould do on a site like mine) and do some research. ( has consistant updates and new anime reviews...)

*Ohh! Scary Spoilers!*

*Bad: Never defeat the main villain

*Good: people Die!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sooo….wow…um, its been five weeks since I last posted ANYTHING, even an apology for not posting (which was what my last post was…how pathetic is that?) So anyway, I will try to end my I-never-told-you-that-it-was-an-unofficial-hiatus soon. My In depth interview of my English teacher is still going to happen and I really need to tell you about Sakuracon and my plans for the future!

Once again here’s some stuff to (not) look forward to;

Seattle Cherry Blossom Festival (videos of: Aikido, Tea ceremonies, and Dancing)
Sakura-con (three parts; Fri, Sat, and Sunday…with PLENTY of pictures and video)

here are some links to my photobucket (vid and Pics)
and Youtube (video...doy)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


GACK! I haven't posted in over two weeks! I'll get on it I promise!

Coming up:

Escaflowne review showing , How you should be watching your anime. In depth interview of my English teacher!
Sakuracon detailed three day synopsis
My Finished costume!
Black cat manga/anime review!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feathers plus glue= one stop closer to cosplay completion

I never actually thought I would see the day when I could say I was covered in glue and feathers, but I did. It wasn’t too bad really. The glue was messiest when it no longer wanted to squeeze out of the bottle and I had to use a brush and my hands but nun the less I managed to make this project work….”what project” you say? Well I was making wings of course!

They were not easy either. They were for my Yuna costume. But I didn’t want traditional angel wings like the Trinity Blood or Ah! My Goddess ones. I didn’t want them to look exactly like Yuna’s wings either as she has her wings curving around her arms much more than the normal curve in wings. I wanted cute little ones that I could use for multiple cosplays, or just to frame at the head of my bed (way better than deer antlers). This was probably the most tedious cosplay I have ever done. Feather by feather I worked. But I really don’t mind that kind of work anyway its relaxing and peaceful, the research and anxiety were NOT. The research I had to do in making these wings was ridiculous, but I finally settled on an online tutorial; .
Just so you know this is the constructions process;
1. Gather materials (full list on tutorial at link provided)

2. Contruct frame (with copper tubing and chicken wire, picture above)
3. Add craft batting to frame with tacky glue or better but super expensive Fabritac (pic above and below)

4.Add Feathers liike crazy! (Not really, use the best ones with the fewist imperfections and make sure you have rights and lefts on proper sides, as well as the insides of the featers showing on the inner wing and the feathers layed normally on the outer wing).5. Once feathers are on add craft batting back ove the top to disguise the tops and have a nice place to glue the "fluff". (Notice the pretty layers and boquet in picture above and fluff and face in pic below)

Rare photo of my face *gasp* limited viewing! Short time only!...dorky smile, Bender on stomach..hehe

The wings turned out well but I still have to nit pick at it. My biggest gripes are that I used regular silver duck tape to hold together the frame and you can still sort of see it under bright light. Also the feathers are not perfectly white like my costume and may look…off, I guess. Also attaching the feathers is largely annoying. These wings while light are still heavy enough to be a problem for the skimpy dress that has to somehow hold them up. I figure hooks for attaching and blear straps for extra support. The project took me about a week of work but could of taken me less if I hadn’t been so nitpicky and hesitant to do anything or move on. I just wanted them to look purdy!

I am VERY happy with the results though. As for wearing them, crowded cons will get annoying, also they stick out far enough for me to have to grapevine through doorways, but that’s about it. I figure with the way I’m doing it they are detachable easily enough.

Yes my wings are Big and Bangin', but I prefer the Creation Narritive...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yes, I can draw...much better than I can write

I wanted a more complete or whole participation in Sakuracon this year. Sooo… I entered a contest! The mascot contest! I am obligated to not actually show you the picture…and I was considering asking them if I could show a draft or something, but then checking the forums they have actually just updated saying that people are not following the rules for not posting there entries and gave these explanations

“1. The art becomes Sakura-Con property-we want our mascot to be UNIQUE and NEVER seen before we announce it. 2. The most important reason: we want a fair contest. We've been criticized in the past because an artist won after first advertising the entry all over the web and asked staff for votes. So we made posting your entry against our rules.”

So Once I can get my scanner online I will gladly show you some of my work.

I’d show you something now but all I have currently is crap.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Takoyaki for everyone...or 7

Finally went to Daiso for another trip. This time I had a few kitchen aids in mind. First off I wanted a tamagoyaki pan, (checked off my list at the regular dollar fifty price) next I needed a cooking grill for making yaki onigiri (also $1.50) and finally the tamagoyaki pan…

No go. They sell out like, like, like…oh I don’t know, the sell out like anything on sale on the day before Christmas. They are never there. They are SO not in stock that I doubt the store ever had them in the first place…Anger.

So after much online searching I decided that 20 dollars was a suitable price…even though if I had waited a week I could have got one for 9 dollars on Amazon…but I am not that patient. Besides! I have wanted a takoyaki/abelskever pan FOR-EV-ER! I waited for an opportune moment but I could never get the 3 (under line the 3 five times won’t you?) dollar pan at Daiso. Okay! Do We Understand the Frustration? I payed 20 instead of 3!!! WTF!

But this really is the wrong attitude. I mean I have the freaking pan now. I should be, like, grateful. I’m so grateful I have already said the word “like” 5 times already. Bad form, bad form…ah well.

I am already scheming ways to use this pan. I have already made spherical crab cakes (yummy!) and will make cherry jam filled pancakes and lavender sugar pancakes tomorrow morning.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Drunk on Anime

I have heard it said that it takes an annoyingly long time for animes be licensed and dubbed before they are ready to sell to us red blooded Americans. I knew it to be true of course as its only logical but I never really had the experience of going through the whole process with a series until XXXHolic. With XXXHolic I read the manga when it first came out, was overjoyed to hear that there was a not yet dubbed anime (which I sort of watched on youtube), and then a good…2 years later learned the Northwest U.S premier of it was going to be at Sakuracon. I mean WOW. 2 years later! The manga is insanely popular with its heavy emphasis on Japanese myths and all sorts of fairy tale and occult stuff. I really do love the manga. But I never got to watching more than…say 3 episodes of the fan subbed anime.

But the best part is not only is the English dub premiering at Sakuracon, but they have two of the voice actors from the series (Watanuki and Moru)!!!

Clamp really is amazing with the stuff they come up with. I remember I used to watch Card Captor Sakura as a kid (but never got to see the entire series) and they have so much stuff out there too. I personally only got into Chobits and XXXHolic. I like others as well, such as Tsubasa, but I like to think that XXXHolic is my thing and Tsubasa is my friends thing (yes it’s weird) just like the way the two mangas connect at certain points. XXXHolic actually connects to many other clamp series in the apperance of the occasional character or item thrown in at times such as the chobit ears used as a communication device or the apperance of Kazahaya and Rikuo from Legal Drug as workers at a Pharmacy (lol). I did finished Chobits with thankfully 8 volumes, but now that I’m older don’t like it as much. This is due to the fact that I actually think about the sex in it and am not as oblivious to the more adult stuff and the more controversial issues brought up in the manga. Chobits is like the anime version of the Notebook (movie) for me. I can’t like it because I’m morally torn between “should she have left her finace?” or “Its’ all okay, they were meant for each other.”

Okay, I’m way off topic now. My point is I’m super stoked for the Premier and can’t wait to hear one of my favorite mangas come to the “little” screen in English.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cosplay Crafts

So I was going over final cosplay preparations as Sakura con is approaching fast. I decided since Yuna is already my most expensive costume I would do all the jewelry for the costume. Now let me tell you I haven’t done any metal/clay/plastic work in a LONG time so the results were okay but not the granddaddy of all time. Yuna’s Wedding costume consists of her blue saffire drop earrings, and her silver flower necklace. The earrings were simple to make the hard part was finding the beads. The necklace was the most difficult clay work I have ever done and it took me a while just to me satisfied with it. Clayworking takes patience but is well worth it. I used a tutorial from cosplaywiki. OR you could go to the origional site
This site also has plenty of other tutorials for clay jewelry that are quite stunning.

By the way the rest of my costume is almost done, I hate cutting my costume so close (what are you talking about Marie?? You have two more months!). I just ordered the feathers so I should be able to get the wings done soon. The dress is almost completed as well. Its…how do you say…amazing! My grandmother is possibly the most Amazing seamstress ever! This dress is gorgeous. It looks full bodied and not just thrown together. It is sturdy not flimsy yet still miraculously elegant. It looks like it could last the harsh 3 day con environment (I can’t say the same for my wings) and 10 more cons after. The top and bottom are pretty much done I just need to cut out the front of the dress and line with the wings (which are coming) and the top is just a few details away. I’m very excited! Why? Because my other 2 costumes I look like a complete dork! I’m wearing the possibly most abstract pieces of clothing for Miss Golden week and a purple wig, dorky glasses, and 90’s clothes for Arale. I’m very happy to be a princess for a day (not so happy about the heels or that it’s so skimpy of an outfit).

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Coming SOON!

Exams are days away and I've been very busy...but I promise that I will get up some new posts soon!

Plans for the future...

  1. Review of Manga and Anime (new and old, new for your benefit and old for me even if you don't care!)
  2. Cosplay!
  3. Music reviews! My first!

some spoilers may include the words...claymore, headbands, ears, wigs, Air, wings, or necklace. Okay so most of it is cosplay...but I will have more reviews...I promise!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh Bento!


I have been completely overwhelmed by my abundance and busy schedule. I should be GRATEFUL that while so busy, do to upcoming semester exams for junior year, I don't have to worry about food. But no, I get MAD at my parents because I am trying to get some cooking in and they are bringing home Thai and Mexican takeout. What can I say "I don't want the sukiyaki beef to go bad!" too late...I have some bentos that I have been lazy and haven't told you about yet. For relatively good reason, first off, If I don't like the food I cook then you definitely aren't going to like it.

That's why I'm initiating a rating system where I will "grade my performance". From now on My creations' will get a score out of 5 stars...or ice cream cones (whatever I feel like). Almost a disclaimer, but not. The recipes will be revised though so they should be better then the original rating/recipe. I should also probably start pre-writing my posts on Microsoft Word first, as it automatically corrects all the misspelled words (I have to use spell check every other sentence).

Back to the bento. This was my favorite bento of recent as it was deliciously India inspired. What you are seeing is rice covered by two wonderfully spicy coconut and mango chutneys. I give this recipe Five Stars! Whoot!

Mango and Coconut Chutney Bento

By Me! Inspired by.... other recipes. Alton browns chutney + thai mango salsa recipe=My recipe!

Ingredients; For mango chutney

  • 1/2 diced red onion
  • 2 tablespoons of Sriracha chili sauce
  • 2 Mangos cubed 1/2"
  • teaspoon ginger (I use paste)
  • 1 oz cider vinigar
  • 1/2-3/4 cup cubed pinnaple
  • Optional: garlic
  • salt to taste

Saute the red onions in a tablespoon canola oil and a teaspoon of salt until soft and fragrant, mix the rest of the ingredients together and add cooked onion.

Coconut Chutney was a mix of like five obscure Internet recipes

  • 1/4 tsp dried chili flake (more to taste if desired)
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon curry powder
  • salt to taste
  • 1/4 tsp mustard
  • 1 tsp ginger (paste)
  • 1 1/2 cup shredded coconut
  • Small can 14 oz/1 cup Beans or(use what you prefer..I used kidney because...well I wanted too, traditional Indian lentil's are also good choice)
  • 1-1/2 cup frozen peas

Heat the oil and start cooking the spices, take off the heat add mustard and ginger and mix, immediately add the coconut and mix the "spiced"oil throughout. The coconut should turn yellow, from the curry poweder. Prep the beans/lentils and peas (cook and drain) and mix with the coconut.

This bento is tandori chicken on the right and rice topped with fish cake and furikake.
Don't even bother asking why there is bread in the left compartment...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Online Manga

I'm not talking about illegal downloads or scans. I'm talking about stuff that started online and is good, legal, and free.

MegaTokyo is one of the most popular web manga out there-I would start reading this again if I could remember where I left off...400's? Anyway I met the creators in person at a Q and A at Sakuracon. I think I asked about Japanese culture and..their favorite colors...I think.

Katie Bair is famous in the cosplay community for her fabulous wig skills, she is also a manga-ka, and doll maker. She hosts a online custom wig store as well as online manga such as the one I perticularly like, Aesir Corp.

While looking around her sites I found this really good link page which mentions some of the more popular (or not) online manga I haven't read such as penny arcade and other fun sites.

Penny arcade is really popular, but I haven't got to reading much of it.

My friend has a web comic thats...well...amazing! Its about Elves and adventure and awsomeness! The The Chronicles of Everglade!

Shameless Plugs and Convention Facts

Hungry for convention-y "things" as Sakuracon rounded the bend and steepened its slope downhill towards its March due date, I hopelessly searched the Internet in order for the hunger to subside.

But I am not alone, for you see, many anime addicted zombies flock to these otaku gatherings all around the globe and every season of the year.

According to multiple sources (just Google it!!) as of 2006 the estimated attendence for conventions was recorded as such

Anime Expo - 40,647 total, 32,930 paid

Otakon - 32,902 estimated total, 22,302 paid

A-Kon - 12,500 estimated paid

Anime North - 12,500 total, 11,286 paid

Anime Central - 11,500 estimated total

FanimeCon - 10,000 estimated paid

Anime Weekend Atlanta - 8,949 paid

Anime Boston - 9,354 total, estimated 8,854 paid

Sakura-Con - 8,300 estimated total, 7,500 estimated paid

Katsucon - 6,400 estimated total, 5,664 paid

The ten largest anime conventions in North America during 2007 were as follows:

1 - Anime Expo: 44,000 estimated total

2 - Otakon: 22,852 paid

3 - A-Kon: 14,500 estimated paid

4 - Anime North: 13,500 estimated total

5 - Anime Central: 12,769 total; 10,987 paid

6 - FanimeCon: 12,000 estimated total

7 - Anime Boston: 11,500 total; 10,559 paid

8 - Sakura-Con: 11,000 estimated total; 10,500 estimated paid

9 - Anime Weekend Atlanta: 10,200 estimated total; 9,825 paid

10 - AnimeNEXT: 7,100 estimated total

So the top five stayed strong, my little Sakuracon moved up from 9th to 8th and Anime Weekend Atlanta switched with Anime Boston.



Orange=Anime Central


Green= Anime Expo

Blue=Anime North