Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TO ZANARKAND! No just my dreams....

I’m going through changes…*can’t continue writing, laughing too hard*. Anywho, I just got back from Mexico (I have an Excuse! “Ladies and gentlemen the woman HAS an excuse for not blogging on a consistant basis!”)
Been doing A LOT of cosplay….as for changes, I’m starting to think I will use this blog largely for tutorials and fun videos of my cosplay ventures! (Though my computers are fast so I’m not sure how that’ll work for you). I’ve been having sooo much fun video taping my ventures and editing them into spiffy videos! It defiantly takes a while (especially when you are trying to sync video with audio) and doesn’t leave much time for much else…the days go by quick when all I do is work on my cosplay and make videos….

I have a lot to talk about but not making any promises on what I’ll write because you know how unreliable I am with that…;P.

I do want to say that after reading lots of article on my personal favorite aninme blog about the dying anime industry (I yes you heard me right) that I am happy to hear positive news regarding changes in the style of releasing of new series as well as the new blue ray format.

Also news on my first crossplay which I quite enjoyed!. I have two videos make now to put up, and two tutorials to come on REAL wig cutting and gun crafting.
Last but not least, the list of must see anime for the count down to fall/school as I have been doing more cosplay than anime.

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