Thursday, October 9, 2008


Um, its been well over a month since I have told you anything, and there is always so much to tell, but unfortunatly nothing is ever it told. And thats just not acceptable. SO after months of unkept promises, and then months of nothing at all, (which I suppose is better than unkept promises), I have decided. I quit. No not really. I'm just starting over. Iv'e decided to move! Two blogs are just too hard to stay on top of, so I'm combining the two to one and will try to set up a scedule for once a week posting at a new location. I'll give you the link when I'm set up, but for now, here is what you have to look forward to! (more promises!)

The new blog will focus mostly on
  1. Cosplay plans from various anime/games/manga
  2. Tutorials on the crafts of those cosplays
  3. Videos and photos from exploits and photoshoots.

Insterspersing of....

(in order from most to least to be discussed.)

  • Anime/manga/game reviews
  • Convention reviews
  • Cosplay Gathering reviews
  • Food finds and recipes (cutely placed as a side note due to my lack of time)


Halloween Extravaganza!

New Train Heartnet cosplay

New Amy Rose (of Sonic) Cosplay (and giant hammer tutorial)

Wig video and tutorials of how to buy, cut, style, and wear (almost finished!)

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