Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Meloncholy of Marie Nunya

Okay folks I have some news! For one I just bought the Furuba (Fruits Basket) box set so I can finally finish the series (legally). Second, the Team Sakuracon parade is coming up on June 20th so I’m going to be preparing a really simple cosplay (I have exams and SATS only a few days before *barf*, don't get me wrong I will kick butt on the reading, writing, and language parts but I don't expect better than 80th percentile. I got 60's on the PSAT's, I'm a little too good at not worrying about it "Study...okay TOMMOROW!"... God will provide!)

I’m thinking of during Haruhi from…Oh gosh you should know. Anywho. You should know by know that I hate boring, just like Haruhi. We’re actually pretty similar…Except the groping part, so because I don’t have much time I figured I would do her cheerleader outfit and have my friend Jen do Yuki (either which or baseball). The only problem is (well I don’t care but I might regret it if people don’t recognize me) I have curly hair and no bangs….I’m thinking of cutting them…after the SATs…I’ll have to see. Because they could go wrong in a million ways…ug.

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