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A lot of debate and discussion goes into the endings of animes. All too often the anime starts too soon after the manga and soon passes it up leaving it without reference material. This results in fillers, more fillers, and then a REALLY unfulfilling ending. The characters never complete the main goal, and usually go their separate ways with the hope of resolution in the future. BULL! Either the anime runs out of cash (budgeting problems), hits a wall (runs out of reference because its already passed where the manga is in the story), or just decides to take a different path and be an “adaptation”. Now sometimes adaptations are a good thing. Some times they are a GREAT thing. And some times they just fall flat.

Examples of unfulfilling, “Huh?” or just “What?...It’s over?” endings (in somewhat order of worst to just-not-great);

Spoilers (not horrible ones) will be below in the asterisks (*)

· Inuyasha: amazing series, I personally loved it but saw where it was going with fillers around the 90’s (episodes) and dropped it. The ending was inconclusive, no resolution. They didn’t complete the task at hand.* You are told to read the manga to get your “waste-of-83-and-a-half-hours-of-your-life” ending.
· Claymore: Similar to Inuyashas ending, they didn’t complete the task;what I now call a procrastinator ending (“oh, will finish it later!”)
· Escaflowne: I really liked Escaflowne but endings are supposed to make you feel…something…this ending was so “huh?” or blah, that I don’t even remember the details of how it ended!
· Wallflower: Once again nothing was completed.
· Full Metal Alchemist: Had to be resolved by the movie, and the Movie still left thing to do…still one of the best anime ever though (its at the bottom of the list!)

Here are some good ones!

Now “good” is controversial. A lot of people may feel that these series belong on the opposite list because major characters died and they were sad, or the ending was sad…and they were sad…but hey! I never said a good ending had to be happy! Sometimes it needs to be sad or it goes against the whole point of the story and becomes a waste of time. It took me a while to realize this…it’s a battle of the Reality ending verses the Fairy Tale ending.

· Cowboy Bebop: Sad but definte. It ended! Yay..but still sad
· Witch Hunter Robin: Similar to Cowboy Bebop in that…*
· Full Metal Alchemist: With the movie it was fulfilling and mostly resolved.

I know these are short generic lists but my reference site for my anime database ( got deleted by a technical error on the site.

Just know that sometimes it may be worth the extra money to just buy the manga...its a complete entity. For me this is hard though as I really don't want to keep buying them when I don't know when it will end! 20 volumes is plenty, anything beyond that seems excessive. (ex: Bleach...never ends! Stop at 63! Skip the fillers!...I am considering starting it up again after the Bounty Arc though...anywho..) At least look at reviews (well thats sort of what one whould do on a site like mine) and do some research. ( has consistant updates and new anime reviews...)

*Ohh! Scary Spoilers!*

*Bad: Never defeat the main villain

*Good: people Die!

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