Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cosplay Crafts

So I was going over final cosplay preparations as Sakura con is approaching fast. I decided since Yuna is already my most expensive costume I would do all the jewelry for the costume. Now let me tell you I haven’t done any metal/clay/plastic work in a LONG time so the results were okay but not the granddaddy of all time. Yuna’s Wedding costume consists of her blue saffire drop earrings, and her silver flower necklace. The earrings were simple to make the hard part was finding the beads. The necklace was the most difficult clay work I have ever done and it took me a while just to me satisfied with it. Clayworking takes patience but is well worth it. I used a tutorial from cosplaywiki. OR you could go to the origional site
This site also has plenty of other tutorials for clay jewelry that are quite stunning.

By the way the rest of my costume is almost done, I hate cutting my costume so close (what are you talking about Marie?? You have two more months!). I just ordered the feathers so I should be able to get the wings done soon. The dress is almost completed as well. Its…how do you say…amazing! My grandmother is possibly the most Amazing seamstress ever! This dress is gorgeous. It looks full bodied and not just thrown together. It is sturdy not flimsy yet still miraculously elegant. It looks like it could last the harsh 3 day con environment (I can’t say the same for my wings) and 10 more cons after. The top and bottom are pretty much done I just need to cut out the front of the dress and line with the wings (which are coming) and the top is just a few details away. I’m very excited! Why? Because my other 2 costumes I look like a complete dork! I’m wearing the possibly most abstract pieces of clothing for Miss Golden week and a purple wig, dorky glasses, and 90’s clothes for Arale. I’m very happy to be a princess for a day (not so happy about the heels or that it’s so skimpy of an outfit).

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