Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feathers plus glue= one stop closer to cosplay completion

I never actually thought I would see the day when I could say I was covered in glue and feathers, but I did. It wasn’t too bad really. The glue was messiest when it no longer wanted to squeeze out of the bottle and I had to use a brush and my hands but nun the less I managed to make this project work….”what project” you say? Well I was making wings of course!

They were not easy either. They were for my Yuna costume. But I didn’t want traditional angel wings like the Trinity Blood or Ah! My Goddess ones. I didn’t want them to look exactly like Yuna’s wings either as she has her wings curving around her arms much more than the normal curve in wings. I wanted cute little ones that I could use for multiple cosplays, or just to frame at the head of my bed (way better than deer antlers). This was probably the most tedious cosplay I have ever done. Feather by feather I worked. But I really don’t mind that kind of work anyway its relaxing and peaceful, the research and anxiety were NOT. The research I had to do in making these wings was ridiculous, but I finally settled on an online tutorial;
www.paper-wings.org/tutorials/wings/wings.html .
Just so you know this is the constructions process;
1. Gather materials (full list on tutorial at link provided)

2. Contruct frame (with copper tubing and chicken wire, picture above)
3. Add craft batting to frame with tacky glue or better but super expensive Fabritac (pic above and below)

4.Add Feathers liike crazy! (Not really, use the best ones with the fewist imperfections and make sure you have rights and lefts on proper sides, as well as the insides of the featers showing on the inner wing and the feathers layed normally on the outer wing).5. Once feathers are on add craft batting back ove the top to disguise the tops and have a nice place to glue the "fluff". (Notice the pretty layers and boquet in picture above and fluff and face in pic below)

Rare photo of my face *gasp* limited viewing! Short time only!...dorky smile, Bender on stomach..hehe

The wings turned out well but I still have to nit pick at it. My biggest gripes are that I used regular silver duck tape to hold together the frame and you can still sort of see it under bright light. Also the feathers are not perfectly white like my costume and may look…off, I guess. Also attaching the feathers is largely annoying. These wings while light are still heavy enough to be a problem for the skimpy dress that has to somehow hold them up. I figure hooks for attaching and blear straps for extra support. The project took me about a week of work but could of taken me less if I hadn’t been so nitpicky and hesitant to do anything or move on. I just wanted them to look purdy!

I am VERY happy with the results though. As for wearing them, crowded cons will get annoying, also they stick out far enough for me to have to grapevine through doorways, but that’s about it. I figure with the way I’m doing it they are detachable easily enough.

Yes my wings are Big and Bangin', but I prefer the Creation Narritive...

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