Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yes, I can draw...much better than I can write

I wanted a more complete or whole participation in Sakuracon this year. Sooo… I entered a contest! The mascot contest! I am obligated to not actually show you the picture…and I was considering asking them if I could show a draft or something, but then checking the forums they have actually just updated saying that people are not following the rules for not posting there entries and gave these explanations

“1. The art becomes Sakura-Con property-we want our mascot to be UNIQUE and NEVER seen before we announce it. 2. The most important reason: we want a fair contest. We've been criticized in the past because an artist won after first advertising the entry all over the web and asked staff for votes. So we made posting your entry against our rules.”

So Once I can get my scanner online I will gladly show you some of my work.

I’d show you something now but all I have currently is crap.

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